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Ass, Arms & Abs

3-in-1 Challenge Program

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Introducing my all-new AAA Summer Body Challenge Program... created to lift your ass, slim your waist, show off your arms, and sculpt the summer body of your dreams

In Just 21 Days

For the first time, since training bikini and figure competitors, I am combining training for three body parts into every workout. I want you ready to show out this summer in your crop tops, shorts, sundresses, and bathing suits.

This challenge is unlike anything that you have seen before.


The Triple-A Summer Body Challenge

15-minute Workouts- In every Workout Session, you will do 3 back-back to back workouts specifically designed by me to get maximum results.

Easy To Follow Along – Just press play and go. This challenge is for all fitness levels. We even include modifications in every video for beginners

High-Intensity Express Workouts- In 15 minutes your will be dripping with sweat as you burn major calories while carving out your summer body. I'm putting an end to the myth that you have to spend hours in the gym every day to change your body.

Follow along with the videos every day and give it your all and I personally promise that you will see amazing results in 21 Days.

What You Get !

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21 Workouts- Each Day Focused on ASS, ARMS, AND ABS ( Every workout is personally planned by me based on over 10 years of experience in training women to lose weight and compete on stage)

Bonus 360 Lipo Weekend Fat Melting Cardio- Each weekend you will have a cardio challenge designed to melt fat in a short amount of time and take your results to the next level.

TYF Approved Meal Plan- No guessing. Just follow the plan for the next 21 Days( This is the same meal plan I've used for over a decade to get clients ready for the stage, weddings, vacations, weight loss after a baby, and special events)

RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK - I'm so convinced that this program will have your summer body ready in 21 days that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Do It For You

All you need to get fitter and healthier than ever before is my AAA program, a floor, and a set of dumbells. No pills, no wraps or special gadgets, no teas or creams. JUST REAL RESULTS

AAA is your 15 minutes of devoted time for yourself to not only get fitter but look good and feel good in only 21 days.

Nothing beats the feeling of Confidence, knowing that you showed up for yourself, and not only do you look better but you also feel so much better and happier because of it.

Proven Results

Everyone Notices A Transform You Fitness Body!

Mark My Words,

In 21 Days, They Will Notice Yours!

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Let Me Remind You Of Everything You Will Get When You Take On The AAA Challenge

AAA- 3-in 1 Express 15 Minute Workouts

Bonus 360 Lipo Weekend Fat Melting Cardio

Transform You Fitness Approved Meal Plan

Advanced Bonus Ab and Cardio Fat Melting To Really Challenge You


you'll lose weight

you'll lose inches off your body

you'll eliminate excess fat

you'll lose the jiggles, you know the ones

you'll be healthier

you'll look better in your favorite clothes

you'll get more compliments

you'll make your friends envious

you'll look good and feel good

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